Saturday, March 28, 2009

Not your ordinary cheese cake

I always bake birthday cakes which have something to do with the birthday childs likes or hobbies. Usually I just take a plain cake and decorate it. But the birthday cakes for my father are always a bit difficult. He rarely eats cake and only eats certain sorts of cake. The only cake he really loves is cheese cake.
But I always have a hard time coming up with fun decoration ideas for cheesecake.
Some time ago I found a pig baking mould in a shop and I knew I had to buy it to make a birthday cake for my father who loves pigs. But cheese cake in a pig mould? I was not sure whether that would work out...
But it did! And my father loved it!
Here the proof that it is really a cheese cake:

For those of you who are curious how such a masterpiece of cheese cake was made:
I made a plain shortcrust pastry and put it into the (greased) mould. Afterwards I prepared the filling and the only thing I altered in the recipe was to add an additional two tablespoons of starch.
After baking I let the cake rest for about 3 minutes and then turned it out onto a plate. I still can't believe that this worked out, I thought the cake would break, stick to the mould or do anything else horrible...

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