Tuesday, April 28, 2009

horse cakes

And another cake post...
Today I show you the perfect cake for the horse lover in your life. The cake is simply cut out from a rectangular cake and very easy to make (but still cute).
The first cake is a chocolate-cherry-cake horse:And the second is a lemon cake. The inside is coloured in the colours of the rainbow. This one is actually not my idea, I saw a cake like this on craftster.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

raspberry cookies

I think I have a new favourite cookie recipe... They sell American Cookies in the university cafeteria but I calculating that making them at home would save me 70% of the cafeteria price and allow me to put as much chocolate in them as I wanted convinced me to give it a try.
I searched the internet for a recipe and found this (German).
Instead of using the grated nuts I used additional 100g flour and substituted the chocolate for white chocolate. Then I added some frozen raspberries broken into small pieces. Though the combination sounds a little bit strange, they are delicious!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Rose's wrist warmers

I love Dr. Who! Sadly the show isn't on TV anymore here in Germany (but I'll assure you that Germany otherwise a civilised country). To do something for my Dr. Who obsession I knitted the wristwarmers Rose wears in "Doomsday".
Even if you're not a Dr.Who fan they are a great knit, because the pattern is well written and easy to knit (but not boring). And the result is really beautiful:

They turned out a little bit small, but I think that is my fault because I had to substitute the yarn and maybe my swatch was not big enough (or I should have swatched the cable pattern... *cough*) Luckily I have small hands! So if you have bigger hands I really recommend knitting a swatch with the cables.
You'll find the pattern here.

Cake Week

Last week was cake week. I made three! birthday cakes. But I had a lot of help from friends...
Here is the first cake:
Knitter's cake

The next one is an apple-apple-cake (inspired by this cake)
We didn't have a laser ready in our baking laboratory so we improvised and cut by hand.

And last but not least a cake with cream filling:

No, just joking... :-) The next picture shows the real cake. The ugly one was made with the leftovers. Of course we first pretended that it was the real cake, hehe.
And there is another birthday coming up... So stay tuned for the next birthday cake!