Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Rose's wrist warmers

I love Dr. Who! Sadly the show isn't on TV anymore here in Germany (but I'll assure you that Germany otherwise a civilised country). To do something for my Dr. Who obsession I knitted the wristwarmers Rose wears in "Doomsday".
Even if you're not a Dr.Who fan they are a great knit, because the pattern is well written and easy to knit (but not boring). And the result is really beautiful:

They turned out a little bit small, but I think that is my fault because I had to substitute the yarn and maybe my swatch was not big enough (or I should have swatched the cable pattern... *cough*) Luckily I have small hands! So if you have bigger hands I really recommend knitting a swatch with the cables.
You'll find the pattern here.


  1. die sind echt schön geworden, besonders auch die farben :)
    und die kuchen...mjam. ich schätze, sie waren alle so schnell aufgegessen wie mein knitter's cake!

  2. I wish I could knit because I want to make this pattern! Alas, I fail at knitting and only have passing skill at crochet. Maybe I can bang something out anyway. (Found you through Ravelry~)