Friday, May 15, 2009

painted mugs

I love painting mugs with porcellain paint or porcellain markers! It is really easy and a customised mug is a great gift.
This is my last mug creation based on a button of my favourite band:

first lace scarf finished

Over a year ago I started my first lace project. Unfortunately I decided on using mohair and knitting with blunt knitting needles with bad joints...
For the non-knitters: this is similar to running a marathon in Flip-Flops... possible but you could have it much easier.
Well, I finished this beast!
To be correct it is my first started lace project, but I've finished others because this was such a pain to knit.
But here it is in all its fluffy glory:

Knitted with one skein Vivaldi from Garnstudio. The pattern is this but I decided to make the scarf one repeat wider.