Sunday, August 9, 2009

sunshine, lovely sunshine

My second marathon-spinning project (ok, it was only 1,2km of yarn running through my fingers but it definitely FELT like a marathon).
The fiber is bamboo, silk, merino and alpaca. 2-ply, 400m, 130g

I'm planning to knit a lace scarf with it.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

floss bobbins

I recently picked up embroidery again and found a nice design idea for floss bobbins on craftster. For the people who don't know why you need such things:
Newly bought embroidery floss is wrapped up nicely but when you start using it, sooner or later it will tangle, produce knots... Wrapping it around a piece of cardboard prevents this. This design is especially nice because you can put them on a string so you'll can grab all colours that you need at once when leaving the house in a hurry. And of course they look cute...

Handspun socks

For my mothers birthday I've knitted my first socks made from handspun yarn. I couldn't understand why people spin kilometers of yarn and then knit socks when handspun 2-ply yarn is much weaker than commercial sock yarn. I just knit these socks because I had some handspun yarn left over from a lace scarf.
But now that I've tried them on for the photos, I think I might need some handspun socks...

The pattern I used is:
It's a great pattern and fun to knit!

And another photo: