Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Customized Converse

I got a pair of plain black Converse Chucks for Christmas. Of course they are absolutely adorable, but everyone seems to have the black ones. Not that I'm being snobby and want to wear only one-of-a-kind designer pieces but I want to know which shoes are MY shoes when standing in front of one of these stundent-party-shoe-piles. Because my drawing skills haven't improved since I'm ten I decided to stitch them. Things I make with some kind of string in general turn out better than projects that involve pens and brushes...
Here is the result:

The thread is glow-in-the-dark thread. How cool is that?

After this successful customization I took a pair of plain brown chucks, which were a bit too plain for my taste.
Stitching on fabric shoes is much easier than I had expected. If you want to try it yourself just make sure that you don't use knobs for fixing the loose ends of the thread. I just stitched a few times through the inner fabric until it looked like the thread would stay were it should.
And last but not least I'll show you the painted pair. I really love how it turned out but you'll understand why I think stitching is the better option for me...


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  2. Yes, stitching is good for customized converse. It is so cool.