Friday, January 11, 2013

Insane embroidered quilt project

So. Since I have to finish my Phd this year I need a massive procrastination project, right?

I really love embroidery but I'm never quite sure what to do with the finished pieces. I often make embroidered gifts but in that case I make sure the motif fits the person who will get the present. But sometimes I find patterns that I like and that don't really fit anyone I would want make a present for. And I don't really want to hang up my finished embroidered work on the wall to show it off. I like it when people do that and it looks great, but I'm quite happy with the artwork currently on my walls.

So the solution? Just randomly embroider loads of squares with things I like or patterns I find and like. And then: sew them together in a quilt! Since I'm cold most of the time (ok, July/August daytime is generally fine) a cosy fleece-backed quilt to wrap up in would definitely be on display (on me) for most of the winter.
Then quilting part will be exciting since I've only done one quilting project so far. But it consisted of squares as well and they were less carefully cut than the one for this project so I'm optimistic. And, I have about a year until I need to think of that bit since there are 49 tiles to be embroidered! Hopefully I'll manage to do one a week.

This week there will be more to show off since I didn't post the ones from last week and I'm currently ill with a cold and have some time to kill with not too demanding activities. Writing does not fall in that category, so enough for now, I'll show you some pictures instead.

No 1: Drums
No 1 Drums

Pattern from Sublime stitching, "Rock n Roll" on white

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