Thursday, November 3, 2011

Beetroot cake

I don't like beetroot. For all of you who know me that might not be a surprise, since I'm a fussy eater. However, the lovely vegbox company Abel&Cole only allows you to ban up to 20 fruits/vegetables (or categories, like cabbage) which they then will not put in the box.
I have been told that you can call them and request more items to be banned, but I'm a bit embarrassed about how many things I don't like so I'd rather not do that.

So, that's how some beetroot came into my possession. With it came a recipe that claimed to convert everyone to like beetroot (at least in the form of that particular cake).
It is a chioggia beetroot that's why at has the lovely stripes and isn't very red.
Pretty, isn't it?


And it resulted in this cake:
beetroot cake

And I have to say it DID convert me. I still only like beetroot in the cake, but this cake is absolutely amazing. Just don't tell people it contains beetroot, otherwise they will refuse to eat it.

I just got more beetroot in my vegbox this morning (the dark red variety), so I'll post a picture of a red beetroot cake if I get round to making one.

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